RSRs: Racing at a regional level

Here are the latest details for the coming seasons RSRs [Regional Schools of Racing] from John Scripps.

Hi all,

A happy new year to everybody, I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year break. Please find attached the new Regional School of Racing Planner for 2012. This has the remaining track RSR dates, and all circuit and Mountain Biking RSRs for the year.

National School of Racing (Green)

As always there will be a Road/Circuit NSR taking place over half term on Thursday 16th February.

The link for the applications is here; This is a fantastic opportunity to get big bunch racing practice before the circuit season starts.

Track RSRs (Red)

With regards to the remaining track RSRs, we have made some changes to the programme. The next RSR will be the Madison session, incorporating a Madison workshop. Nominations are now open for this and will close on Thursday 12th January at midnight. I shall be sending letters out to riders on the morning of Friday 13th.

As shown in the previous planner, the last 2 RSRs were planned to be Coach Led Racing (CLR) sessions. For February 17th, this is still the case, and will be an endurance session on the races covered throughout the winter track RSR programme. However, the session will include riders from all over the country, and Talent Development Coaches will make the selection of riders to attend. I am happy to discuss selections with you. The second CLR session, is taking a slightly different format. It will be a Sprint Open GP weekend at Manchester, with support from some of the country’s best sprint coaches and riders. Riders will enter this as they would a normal race and pay the entry fee. It is open to all youth riders in A and B categories, but we will prioritise those who reach RSR criteria. Although it is an open event, there will be a coaching focus with regular video feedback throughout the weekend. As always in our efforts to create a rounded programme for all youth riders, please do not see this as just an opportunity for athletes who wish to be sprinters, but for all youth riders wishing to progress as cyclists. Once the event is on the BC website, I shall send you the link.

Circuit RSRs (SE in Lilac, Central in Burgundy, combined in Blue)

The circuit RSRs will follow a similar format to previous years, with some minor changes, we have looked to include the Team Scenario RSR in the programme before the School Games, so that riders competing in this event get the opportunity to practice this for the event. As always, it benefits everybody regardless of whether or not they’re selected for the school games. The team scenario session is the only circuit RSR where the regions will be combined, all others with be individual regions, open to 36 riders plus any talent team riders. Where possible, it is important that regionally competitive MTB riders also access these sessions to support their all round development. For the circuit RSRs, where space allows, we will be inviting 1st year junior girls who are regionally and nationally competitive, but this will not be at the detriment to space for regionally and nationally competitive youth riders.

MTB RSRs (Light Blue)

We have made significant changes to the MTB programme for 2012. We realise that having 1 standalone ‘South’ MTB session didn’t work, as it meant travel difficulties for all except those lucky enough to be local to the venue. For 2012 we have split the South into 2, to cover South East (covers SE, Central and Eastern regions) and South West (S, SW, and Wales). There are 3 MTB RSR opportunities available, including a Coach Led Racing session which brings the South East and South West areas together. We will be looking at somewhere central to the 2 Southern areas for this session. As said above, riders choosing to go down the MTB pathway also have access to the Road circuit RSRs, which are important in their development as MTB riders. The first 2 RSRs will look at core skills, and progressing these into a technical context.

Summer Track NSRs/Pre-National’s

These are not included in the planner as they are still to be confirmed. I will send you more details as I have them.

I hope you find this helpful in your planning for 2012, please do contact me if you have any queries.

Kind Regards,


John Scripps

Talent Development Coach – South East and Central Regions – Great Britain Cycling Team