Roller and turbo training starts today!!!!!

Roller and turbo training has been under-promoted but in any case starts today and continues with the dates and coaches further below. Enquiries about the session can be sent to

Arrive at 16.00 to set up for a 16.15 start, the session will run until 17.15 allowing 15 minutes for packing up the pavilion. The pavilion is situated beside Preston Park velodrome and accessed from Preston Drove. Their is a charge of £4 members / £5 non-members, but the first session on 21st November is free!

What you need: bike [this must be clean], rollers or turbo-trainer [we have some rollers to loan], matt, blanket, towel to cover flooring beneath bike, towel for own use, drink and appropriate clothing for training and leaving in the cold when sweaty.

Free teas and coffee are available for those spectating/chauffeuring.

21/11 Anthony Rogers

28/11: Kim Fortescue-Talwar

12/12  Andy Hemens

19/12  Kim Fortescue-Talwar

16/01 Anthony Rogers

23/01 Andy Hemens

20/02 Stephen Golliker

27/02  Anthony Rogers