Report dangerous places for cyclists with online mapping

You may be interested in reporting bad driving on the website below. Read further down for an explanation.

The map is available here:

Hey guys,

As I’m sure you already know Road Safety Week is just over a week away, and we’re putting together a project we thought you and the Preston Park club members would be interested in contributing to, if you have time. is compiling a map of the most dangerous places in the UK for cyclists, and rather than reproduce official figures we thought it made more sense to talk to the folk on the ground. As the club has extensive experience of the local cycleways your participation would be greatly appreciated.

The map will be live on Monday 14th November, and will be open to add details or photos of the places around Brighton and Hove you’ve found to be the most difficult or dangerous to navigate. We hope this will be a valuable resource to travelling cyclists and beginners across the country, and maybe reduce the number of cyclists in road accidents.

This is a project we’ve been excited about for a while, and we hope you can get involved too. If you have any questions or would like further information, please get in touch.


Hope to hear from you soon,


David Coates

Blogger Community Developer