Registering with PPYCC before this Saturday 6th March

The season is upon us and many members have renewed their membership with British Cycling. To be a member of PPYCC, as well as getting your British Cycling membership, you have to complete our registration form which can be found from the link on our membership page. Make sure you complete and return the form before Saturday 6th March.We have Briitsh Cycling licences, which will be given out on Saturday, for the following people:Cory Anderson, Harry Stacey, Tim Hill, Ben O’Brien, Luke Stacey, Ted O’Brien, Neil Costelloe, Evelyn Parle, Noah Ridgway Brown, Gabriel Parle, Michael Wickens, Lois Parle, Mark Anderson, Nicholas Wickens, Christina Duncumb, Theodora Duncumb Rogers, Oliver Nixon, Joe Hill, Jake Blow, Georgina Burnett.