Register this weekend for track league

SCRL registration

Please register this weekend if you are riding at the Wednesday night track league which starts this week. You need to register for the season on RiderHQ which involves sending photos of your BC membership card. This is quite admin heavy for the SCRL team so please do not leave it until the last minute or they will be overwhelmed with registrations to verify. Once registered for the season you also need to pre-register in advance each week, again via RiderHQ. Full details and links are at

Youth track accreditation

The second and final PPYCC accreditation session is Monday 12th April at 6.00 to 7.30pm. You cannot ride in the league if you have not passed accreditation.

Borrowing track bikes

PPYCC has plenty of youth track bikes, once you have completed accreditation you can take yours home for the season which will both save time with bike fits each week and be more covid-safe. As usual, no charge applies but you are responsible for general maintenance of the bike and keeping it in good working order, replacing consumables like bar tape and tyres when needed.

Volunteer while cheering on your child

SCRL relies on volunteers to keep running and you do not need any cycling knowledge at all for key roles such as marshalling. Please keep the league alive by helping out where you can, more at