Racing opportunities in the next month [Hove Park, Cyclo Park and Eastbourne Cycle Festival]

News about Hove Park racing from Ben Miller of Brighton Excelsior

Firstly, my apologies for this years events. This year with extra cycling races, weekend promotions, B&H council events, personal events and the Tour all but a few, I have been struggling over the past few months to get some dates down.

I have now 2 confirmed dates for youth races at hove park, these are:

Friday 21st of May
Friday 1st of August

June and July are still very busy and I’m trying to squeeze one more event.

When it’s confirmed I will let you know.

Benjamin Miller
VC Jubilee

News about Eastbourne Festival of Cycling racing

This year’s Eastbourne Festival of Cycling sees races for youth with entry on the line only

Race details

or why not try the

racing at Cyclo Park in Kent on Friday evenings, weekly throughout the summer