PPYCC winter riding continues …..

Weather forecasts suggest that winter starts proper tomorrow with Arctic winds and possibly snow in places. PPYCC coaches are marking the onset of winter with their own ride, all tempted by the promise of buns. Older riders, friends and parents  continue with Sunday road rides and some riders are even continuing to race.

Training opportunities include the above mentioned Sunday road rides, Tuesday evening cycle-cross and mtb at Waterhall [open to all ages], and starting tomorrow [Saturday] roller training at Preston Park pavilion starting at 16.00. More ambitious riders who are in the Under 12 category and above make the trip to Cyclopark on Tuesday evenings for regional cluster road circuit training.

There are also many opportunities to race throughout the winter with cyclo-cross, road riding at Cyclopark and Hillingdon road circuits, Calshot velodrome and Lee Valley velodrome.

Member Joshua Golliker has been racing at Calshot velodrome on Sundays, you can get a sense of the racing by viewing the results here.. Georgina Burnett and Rahul Fortescue-Talwar both compete at Lee Valley velodrome; all three riders have been finding success by finishing in podium places and even winning some of their races. An example of the results can be seen in the photo and summary below.

see results here.


Georgina (in a field of 21) finished:

  1. 20 Lap Scratch Race – 2nd
  2. 1km Dash – 2nd
  3. Elimination Race – 9th
  4. 35 Lap Points Race – 10th on the last Lap


  1. Missed first Race due to Traffic
  2. 1km Dash – 5th
  3. Elimination Race – 1st
  4. 20 Lap Points Race – 2nd

Looking to the end of winter sees preparations for a new season and the opening of club membership to parents and friends. Also volunteers and members over 13 years can take part in a Go Ride conference. This is where you can gain greater insight into the practice and organisation of cycle racing and running a club. For our youth members they can train as young volunteers and take part in an accredited volunteer programme where members can progress from bronze through to platinum levels. We will release more information about the conferences later in the season.