PPYCC Omnium thanks

A big thanks must go to the helpers for yesterday’s omnium [nearly 30 people assisted] and a big well done to our riders.Noah Ridgeway Brown has won all three of the regional omnium events he has done which, with four events, makes him the winner of the southern series. Jack Hoyle has won one and come second in three, which sees him being invited to the National Omnium Final. Laura Cheesman also completed three of the events and was lying close to getting a national final invite. These are the highest quality of events in our region and if you would like a taste of something of a similar standard then you should enter the National Circuit Champs [road racing] at the Redbridge Cycle Centre east of London, closing date 3rd July, or the SE Track Champs at Herne Hill on the 10th July; otherwise you will have to wait to next season.PPYCC Omnium Riders role call:  Laura Cheesman, Jack Hoyle, Gabriel Parle, Spencer Thomas, Douglas McCauley, Thomas Burnett, Joe Hill, Sam Booth, Isaac Wright, Nicholas Wickens, Ted O’Brien, Ben O’Brien, Matthew Deacon, Stan Abbott Stacey, Noah Ridgway Brown, Jake Blow.