PPYCC is truly international! 1st came Assen, next – Alfie Bunyan competes in Seattle!

A holiday isn’t a holiday without some racing!  Monday night racing at the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome in Marymoor Park WA was introduced to the colours of PPYCC in fine style this week when Alfie joined in with the regular Monday night racing slot for youth and mens cat 4.

 The night’s events

Starting out with a six lap scratch race on the concrete four hundred metre velodrome, the bunch of seven riders stayed mostly together until the start of the penultimate lap when one of the regular racers launched his attack followed by Alfie and one other.  Keeping with the attacking group Alfie pushed his own attack about halfway round the last lap and managed to win with a few bike lengths to spare.

 In the bunch

Next up was the Belgian Win and Out, a race new to Alfie where the positions are won on each lap in reverse order from 4th upwards, until the last lap when first place is awarded to the winner and 5th place down to everyone else.  Alfie decided he would go for glory, letting all but three other riders take the 4th to 2nd places.  At the start of the last lap the bunch sped up as a group with Alfie managing to pull away slowly but surely to take a win by a bike length or so.

 Winning the win and out!

Not on the schedule the next race was the infamous “Marymoor Crawl”.  A “slow race” starting 100m from the finish line and finishing with a one lap dash from the bell for any riders remaining.  A really fun race, other riders not in the event line the trackside waving dollar bills to “tempt” riders closer to the finish line prematurely!  Alfie missed the money and couldn’t keep his trackstand going long enough not to cross the finish line!  Oh well!

    At the rail for the Marymoor Crawl

The final race was the points race, points every three laps over nine laps.  Alfie started well, pushing the pace hard off the front from the second lap to reduce the advantage of the better sprinters.  He had a good fight with one of the other riders who just pipped him on the first points lap, and by about half a wheel on the second.  For the final double points lap Alfie had started to run out of steam and took third place, which joined him second on points with the second place finisher but, of course, meant he had to settle for third.

 On the rail

We had a really great time at the JBMV, a really friendly welcome from riders and organisers alike.  With four nights of racing a week we’d recommend a visit to watch, or even join in some racing if you happen to be in the Seattle area.


Thank you Tobias and Alfie for such a brilliant report, what a great experience! Hope you’re having a fantastic holiday too!