PPYCC Circuit Club Championships 28th September

On Saturday 28th September the PPYCC Circuit Club Championships will be held at Preston Park. We’ve moved venue this year from Cyclopark to our home track to hopefully make the club champs more accessible. 

The inner ring will run as normal on Saturday 28th and we hope many of our riders will stay on and compete.

The races will be run in age British Cycling categories starting with Youth E (U8) Boys & Girls after the inner ring finishes.

Track Open to all for warm up 10:30 – 10:50

Gear Check and Sign on for each race close 15 mins before the start time.

Race schedule :

Youth E (U8 Boys & Girls, born 2011 or earlier) 
15 mins , race starts 11:00

Youth D (U10 Boys & Girls, born 2009/2010) 
20 mins, race starts 11:30

Youth C (U12 Boys & Girls, born 2007/2008) 
30 mins, race starts 12:00

Break and podiums Youth C, D, E

Track open for warm up 12:30 – 13:00

Youth B (U14 Boys & Girls, born 2005/2006) 
45 mins, race starts 13:00

Youth A (U16 Boys & Girls, born 2003/2004) 
60 mins, race starts 14:00

Podiums Youth A, B

All riders must comply with the British Cycling gear regulations for their age category. If you have any queries about this please ask the coaches at the next session.

There will be a podium on the day for boys and girls for each age category but prizes will be presented at the PPYCC Annual Awards & AGM evening.