PPYCC Circuit Championships at Cyclopark (Autumn Classic)

Just a reminder for those for you that haven’t already entered that it’s the PPYCC annual circuit championships at Cyclopark this coming Saturday with the first race kicking off at 12:00 with the u8s and u10s.

Online entry is available at British Cycling Website, please can as many riders as possible sign up in advance as we can pre-allocate race numbers and this will speed up sign-on on the day. Thanks !


and the race manual including timing for the events is available here. Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to gear check and sign-on before your race.

Cyclopark Autumn Classic 2017 Race Manual

Please ensure that you have your race licence with you on the day and that your gears have been restricted correctly for your riders age category. Riders will not be allowed to sign on and obtain a race number until their gears pass the check. Note that tire inflation really affects gear roll outs so please check that your tires are correctly  inflated before queuing for gear check. If they are soft you’ll be asked to pump them up and queue again.

Gear Restrictions Explained:

A useful British Cycling guide on gear restrictions and  gear combinations are available on British Cycling Website at the two links below:



If your rider has a smaller bike ie 24″ wheels or 650c wheels this website is useful.


First select the correct wheelsize and nearest tire size. Then select the front chainring size(s)  (count the teeth of you are unsure ) and the sprockets sizes (cassette on the back wheel). After you press calculate a gear table will be presented. You need to look for the nearest gear meters below the limit for your riders age category and front and rear sprocket size this relates to. Note for a U12s and below this will almost certainly require the front deralliuer to be restricted so that the large ring cannot be used. Then using a screw driver or allen key restrict the rear derailleur so that it can’t shift into a larger gear. There are lots of You Tube videos that explain how to ‘lock off’/adjust/restrict gears using derailleur adjustment screws.

If this seems too daunting don’t worry you can gear on the day but then you’ll need to lock off the gears with a screw driver to allen key (please bring your own tools) and queue for a re-check.

If this is your first event please don’t let this put you off, it’s standard for all Youth circuit races and done once is as easy as riding a bike !


We hope to see as many riders competing on the day as possible. Racing at Cyclopark is a great experience. Also if you want to make the most of your visit you can explore the off-road tracks and trails on your own bikes  for a small fee or hire a bike from the onsite shop.

Additionally, if any parents can assist with marshalling that would be greatly appreciated as running an event on a circuit this size we do need extra help to ensure rider safety.

thanks, and hope to see you Saturday

Paul Goodwill