Post-cross clean up in Preston Park, Sunday 18th November at 3pm

We need to remove our course markings from the trees in the woodland near the cycle track at Preston Park. From 3pm to 4pm today we are asking members to turn up and gently scrub away the chalk paint markings from 10 trees. We have scrubbing brushes and rubber gloves for you to use, a water bottle to squirt some water would be a useful aide.

Meet Anthony, who will supply the water and tools needed to restore the park to how it was before the race started. It is estimated that it takes 15 seconds to remove one marking, so 10 trees amounts to 2 1/2 minutes of scrubbing plus the time spent hunting out the marks maybe 15 minutes for 10 markings. Therefore you can turn up anytime between 3pm and 3.45pm to join in. See the ‘before and after’ cleaning images below to get an idea of what the markings, either L for left or R for right, are like.