Paid volunteer opportunities for PPYCC

This offer is also open to friends and family

To help support the Sussex Cycle Racing League Circuit Races on Sunday mornings [Sundays, 9am to 1pm: Feb 23rd, March 1st, March 8th, March 15th, March 22, March 29th] we wish to recruit young volunteers to help with marshalling, or potentially other roles if individuals are interested in further volunteer opportunities for marshalling. 

We will pay each individual, 16 years or younger, £20 per event for fulfilling marshalling duties at our races. We need 3 marshals on each event date. Duties are light and will be explained. Marshals need to be 13 years or older to comply with employment law. You may apply to marshal any number of the events from all 6 to a single event. If oversubscribed we will share out the duties.

Those who wish to race in the youth category as well as marshal are welcome to apply but will need to provide cover for when they are racing. You may wish to apply for an event as a pair, or trio of friends and we will try to accommodate you in this.”

For more details about the events, visit the calendar on the SCRL website