Outer Ring Saturday 7th July: When will the Outer Ring use road bikes?

Some Outer Ring members prefer road to track, which is their right, and sometimes they ask the question, “When will we use road bikes?” There are 3 normal responses to this question.

  1. Its a velodrome.
  2. From mid-August onwards we put the track bikes away.
  3. When the Tour de France Starts we will start reintroducing road bikes to our session.

Well the TdF starts on Saturday and although there is no prologue, instead a flat 200km + stage in the Vendee, there is a Team Time Trial on Stage 3, Cholet – Cholet. To mark this occasion we will have a session this Saturday based on a 10 mile Team Time Trial. Specifically we will run what is called a ‘Two-Up’ where two riders ride as a team. So chose a partner in advance, or let us help you find a suitable racing partner – and be prepared to emulate the Stars of Le Tour.