Nominations for the next RSR are needed.

John Scripps writes …. For the January round of nominations for track RSR 4, I’d like to continue with the old system for the time being. Therefore, please can I have your nominations for the next track RSR taking place at Newport on Saturday 18th January for South East. The session will be looking at Elimination races. If possible, please can I have nominations by Christmas Eve. I shall be informing riders of their place at the RSR first thing in the New Year.

Please put your nomintations forward to Anthony, second year youth B and all youth A [for 2014 season] only.

Future RSR session dates for the track programme are February with the Madison sessions, taking place on February 23rd for the South East. This will conclude the track RSR programme for 2013-14 which will see us swiftly moving on to the circuit sessions, with the first session taking place in February half term.

Riders who have not taken part in the track due to lack of indoor velodrome experience should consider putting themselves forward for the circuit sessions.