News from past-member Felix English for current members of PPYCC part 4

This is the fourth of our blog posts from Felix English where we find Felix starting out as a professional coach, in addition to his competitive career, and where he finds a flight flies by when thinking and writing about the past and how it potentially connects with the futures of the PPYCC community.

It maybe that receiving personalised coaching is of interest to older PPYCC riders, especially as club coaches cannot easily commit to this type of activity. Certainly, it would be exciting for me to be involved with coaching a member of the club where I started my career and thereby continuing the cycle of rider development. If you are interested in a personalised coaching programme and working with me then please contact me via email at and we can discuss whether or not, I could be of assistance to your racing.

Although I regularly come back to Sussex I spend most of my time training on the island of Majorca where there is perfect dry, sunny roads for training and a velodrome for more specific track work.  Thus, a coaching programme would usually start with a phone call to chat to you about your goals, to determine where you believe you need to improve and then workout what time you have available to train during each week. I also like to pass on advice about skill and knowledge elements of racing, things such as; race preparation, race tactics, basic nutrition and if applicable light core/gym work. The biggest thing I like to stress with the riders I work with is, that regular contact/feedback is what I believe really helps build a good rider-coach relationship and is needed to accurately analyse how the training is working. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling on as I am being asked to put my laptop away and put my seatbelt on ready for landing in Berlin! A few days to relax now before I roll up for the omnium on Friday morning.


Felix English

Felix can be seen racing in the latest round of the Track World Cup which is on Eurosport [Sunday 5th November, repeated Monday and Tuesday].