New club records

Well done to everyone who turned up today, there were loads of really great rides and results over 200m, 250m and 500m. These are all distances that British Cycling use as benchmarks for their talent development programme and can also be used in regional track races so it’s great to start practicing and recording these times. The results can all be seen on the Distance Challenge page (link below), where you will find results sheets for these plus all the other distances we record: 200m flying start, 200m standing start, 250m standing start, 500m standing start, 1 lap standing start and 10 mile time trial.

We also now have a club records sheet for all these distances too, available from the same page. The 3 distances we did today are all brand new distances for the club so if you were fastest in your age group, you are now a club record holder, well done!

We did gear checks and adjustments today in order that riders were on the correct British Cycling gear restriction for their age group. Given the differences of rider sizes within each age group, this really does level the playing field and stops larger riders pushing a big gear that a smaller rider of their age couldn’t possible turn. The faster cadence also helps develop pedalling technique and avoid injuries that can occur over time from pushing too large a gear when young peoples’ muscles and bodies are still growing and developing.

Riders will need to retain their gear restrictions for the club championships next week, so sorting them out today also saves valuable time next Saturday when the coaching team will be busier and riders will want to be warming up rather than fussing over bikes. We will be happy to assist re-adjusting gears to remove the restriction after the races next weekend, if you’d like us to help do so then please just ask.