Members riding national championship races and qualifiers

Lukas Nerurkar finished 6th in the Track Omnium National Final.
29 riders took part in the final all of whom had finished in the top six of their regional events. Lukas had finished 3rd in the South East behind Billy Gilby (VCL) and Innes Harvey (VCL). However with these two still ahead of him, (1st and 4th) this means Lukas gained the better of most of the rest of the country and that there were three riders from the South East Region in the top 6!
Lukas reports:
I was pleased with my overall result. It was a high standard, with lots of riders taking it seriously and trying to get a top spot. It helped that I knew a number of VCL riders from the regional races and it was good to discuss the races and have fun with them. The velodrome at Wolverhampton was quite big, like at Welwyn but with bigger stands, and there were lots of spectators. I was really pleased with my Devil result (5th) as I managed to get into the last-lap sprint. Also the Keiren was fun. It helped that I’d seen it on TV before and knew what to do. I almost got 3rd in that race. My TT was also OK (4th) but I knew afterwards that I could have started better. The Scratch race was hectic. We were always very bunched up and the pace was very uneven and I wasn’t very happy with my result (10th). 

Last weekend Jojo Martin was competing for one of three places on the South East regional triathlon squad (a year under age) at Eton Dorney.  He had an average swim followed by a fantastic bike leg – despite being out on his own, he managed to catch a couple of the drafting groups – but was then shattered for the run and just beaten into 4th place in the South East contingent.  However, team selection is best of 3 races – it’s all very complicated, but he may have a place.   Nail biting….

Breaking news ….. Jojo just got the call up for the South East regional tri squad!  He’s really excited as it means he competes again this year at the British Championships, to be held in early September at Mallory Park, Leicestershire.  (He gained his place by 7 seconds – bit too close for comfort!)

Finn Anderson has entered the GHS National Youth Time Trial Championships being held this year at Steyning. We may have other members taking part, please let us know if you are entered.