Lost property and second-hand kit

Is any of the below lost property yours? We have 5 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of leg warmers, 2 pairs of arm warmers, a teeshirt and a hoodie.

Most of this stuff has been hanging around for a long time so we will give it until end of July to be claimed. For anything remaining, we will put the cycling gear in the ‘for sale’ box and the hoodie and teeshirt in the clothes recycling bin at Preston Park. If you want to claim anything then it’s all in an orange Sainsbury’s bag in the signon hut.

Saturday regulars will have noticed that we have two ‘for sale’ boxes out most weekends now. There is some great quality secondhand kit in there including a handful of PPYCC and other jerseys suitable for younger riders and loads of non-club bibshorts, jerseys and jackets for older riders. There are also a few pro kit items donated by Felix English in Madison-Genesis colours. Please pay what you think it’s worth, either drop some money into the tin or find a volunteer with the card payment device. All proceeds go to the club.

Donations of more second hand kit are always gratefully accepted. Combined with our loan bike scheme this all really helps to keep the entry costs down for those entering the sport.