Interval training tomorrow morning at the Velodrome

This week will be session 2 in the rolling 4 week interval training programme for the winter months. Meet at the track for a 10.00am start, all welcome!

NB. Remember to concentrate and ride safely, other people are allowed to use the track and the gates will not be locked. Coaches will be available tomorrow to assist with timings, but this is not a coached session.

Warm up: Group warm up 8 laps, odd laps gentle, even laps put the pressure on so that you are breathing a little deeply by the end of the lap. Repeat until 8 laps have been completed. Lasts 10 minutes.

Main session: 6 x 5 minute efforts with a 2 minute rest. For the efforts pedal at 90 x 110 rpm cadence so that you are well on top of your gear. You need to maintain an effort where after the first 3 minutes you no longer wish to hold a conversation. To communicate with other riders you should not wish to say more than a quick word. For the rests freewheel and then pedal gently in a low effort. You will be aiming to ride faster than for last week’s session as the efforts are shorter but the key is to work hard and maintain your effort. 42 minutes.

Cool down with gentle pedalling until your breathing has returned to normal. This is typically 5 minutes.

Total cycling time: 57 minutes