Inner Ring Halloween fun races this weekend

This weekend is our final Saturday morning session of the season. We will be doing fun races rather than coached activities and are going to have a Halloween theme!

Please come dressed up in your Halloween costumes, but remember that baggy trousers should be tucked into socks and don’t wear flappy stuff like witches and wizards capes which could end up in wheels! We will do a clothing check before we start to make sure everyone is safe to ride. There will be a face painting volunteer on site if you’d like a spooky face done, or please do your own beforehand and arrive ready to scare us all!

Remember it’s getting cold in the morning now too, we had a few very cold arms, legs and fingers last week! Please wear multiple layers, full fingered gloves and wrap up very warm. Better to arrive well wrapped up and take layers off when warmed up, rather than come wearing too little. (Speaking of which, there’s a missing grey hoodie from last week’s session, if it’s been found and you can’t bring it down please let Mark know on 07936 716579).

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday for some spooky racing!