Inner Ring: Free Road Bike?

Are you the parent of an inner ring rider wanting a road bike? Maybe something they could ride to school or something to leave locked up rather than their “best” bike? This 24″ wheel 80’s steel Peugeot is up for grabs for free.

This was younger sons first road bike soon after first joining PPYCC and saw him through a whole year without problems. Now too small for him and just sitting there taking up room in the shed, we’d like to pass it on.

The condition you see is straight out of the shed without any cleaning up, so you can see it has been kept in good condition. Everything works right off the bat, there is no need to replace anything.

Some details:

  • General condition is good.
  • Paintwork has plenty of scratches as befits a bike of this age, and some small paint bubbles in places, but generally good.
  • It’s 10 speed (2×5) with 40/46 on the front and 13-24 on the back.
  • Comes with a couple of mudguards and two spare tubes.
  • Brake cables and gear cables all in good condition.
  • Sizing: Seat tube comes out at 45cm c-to-c and the top tube at 48 c-to-c. Standover height is 70cm, so you’d need at least that in inside leg. Seat post pictured raised to the maximum height. Might be a bit more in the bars but I didn’t check.
  • The freewheel is a bit noisy and could probably use a good service/lubing, but apart from that it rolls ok.
  • Crank bearings smooth and quiet.
  • Wheels are reasonably true, totally ridable but would probably benefit from a proper truing. The chromed surface is pitted but there isn’t any structural rust to worry about. Being steel wheels they should last for ages as long as they are not left out in the rain all the time!

IMPORTANT Info about the wheels: Being an old French bike, the wheels are the old 600A size, which is roughly 24 inches. The ETRTO for this is 541. The tyres fitted are Hutchinson Junior tyres (28mm) purchased from They also sell some ETRTO 540 tyres which should also fit.

Call or text Toby on 0777 594 1934 if it can be of use to you. We can bring to Wednesday night racing or you can come pick it up from Peacehaven.