Hill climb results

Well done everyone on a fantastic morning at Rottingdean today and thanks to all the volunteers for making it a success. There were amazing times from everybody, whether seasoned racers or first timers so well done to all the riders! Results have been revalidated away from the noise and sunshine and the final results are below. Unfortunately there was one mistake with the U10 Boys presentation, to those involved don’t worry about it and please keep your medals and prizes as we brought more than we needed so will get another bag and medal out to the extra rider!

Thanks to Pete for some excellent photos, all now available at the following link. They’ll only be available for 2 weeks so please download whatever you need to keep: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nUZqVtGTgAPK9RWc8

U8 Boys

1st Luke Spicer 3.37

U10 Girls

1st Heather Skinner 4.37

2nd Eliza Hibberd 4.53

U10 Boys

1st Raphael Vesey Holt 3.13

2nd Freddie Griffin 4.03

3rd Vincent Simon 4.13

4th Charlie Hutchins 4.41

U12 Girls

1st Megan Costello 3.49

U12 Boys

1st Charlie Bunting 2.42

2nd Felix Boyle 2.52

3rd Harley Clark 2.53

3rd Alex Goodwill 2.53

5th Cooper Aberdour 3.03

6th Gabriel Au 3.17

7th Luke Chapman 3.31

8th Rowan Short 3.54

9th Patrick Morris 4.01

10th Max Hibberd 4.29

11th Arthur Durand 4.58

12th Paolo Durand 5.09

U14 Girls

1st Idha Hicks 2.46

U14 Boys

1st Eddie Boyle 2.08

2nd Luca Geddes Gasco 2.16

3rd Milo Clark 2.31

4th Seth Kinloch 2.32

5th Oliver Double 2.45

6th Ingo Wilcox 3.10

7th James Neale 3.21

U16 Boys

1st William Flateau 2.11

2nd Ben Tamplin 2.19

3rd Alfie Bunyon 2.30

4th Matthew Armstrong 2.32