Hill Climb Racing News: a win for Lloyd Costello

Three  PPYCC riders competed in the Butts Lane Hill Climb event at Willingdon last Saturday. There was a field of forty riders with a mix of juvenile, juniors, adults, seniors and veterans.  All three PPYCC riders had a good ride putting in a lot of effort and hard work to reach the summit in a good time.  Observers at the summit, including riders in all categories, were in a state of exhaustion and many collapsed once over the finishing line.
Results for the PPYCC riders are :- Francis Schofield finished 27th with a time of 5.04, James Gilmore 25th with a time of 5.01 and Lloyd Costello 21st with a time of 4.49. We are delighted that Lloyd’s time of 4.49 was the fastest time in the juvenile category giving him first place. Congratulations to Lloyd, and thanks to him, Francis and James for representing the club further afield.