Get Geared Up !

It’s only one week to go until PPYCC Club champs! According to the latest British Cycling guidance we’re still good to run the event. 

British Cycling has for many years had a set of gear restrictions for the different age categories in their regulations for road and track cycling. 

In order that everyone is ready for club champs next weekend please can all riders arrive for tomorrow’s club session with their gears restricted as per British Cycling guidelines. 

Additionally, time trial bars are not permitted in any group riding events. These are fine for time trials but these are not allowed under British Cycling guidelines for group training and racing due to safety. 

There’s no gear check for tomorrows session but all riders should be training on restricted gears to help them develop their skills, particularly cadence , in the youth gearing for their age category.

Gear checks will take place for all riders at the Club Champs races to ensure fairness.

See link below for further details :

Thanks and see you tomorrow – forecast is cold but sunny so tights, tracksuit legs and long sleeved tops, particularly the inner ring are recommended.