Friday night road ride for riders new to road riding

We are offering a Friday night road ride for the next three Fridays [5th, 12th and 19th September] for riders who are 12 years and older who are inexperienced in club road rides. The intention is to look at some of the skills and decision making that are relevant to group road rides. This is not a training ride. We will leave Preston Park track at 17.00 and ride for 90 minutes. There will be plenty of stopping and discussing hazards and techniques of group riding. Total mileage will be 10 to 15 miles. The speed will not be fast but riders need to be able to ride continuously with purpose.

You may take part if:

  1. You are 12 or older and have an accompanying adult who can take responsibility for you.
  2. You are 12 or older and you have had confirmation from Anthony that you can take part [there is a rider ratio maximum we must observe for this category of rider].

In both cases you must contact to confirm that you wish to take part, stating if you have an accompanying adult, or not.

Please note that cycle club road riding traditionally does not involve carrying rucksacks or similar baggage with your kit. A cycle shirt with 3 pockets and a small bike mounted bag are the standard storage space. You should have the following equipment for a summer ride:

  • A serviced bike fit to ride on the road [see Paul at Rule 5 if you need a service, he offers discounts for members].
  • Pump
  • Repair kit
  • Inner tube
  • Tyre levers
  • Hexagon key set or mutli-tool
  • Rain coat
  • [Saddle bag] optional

If you do not have this equipment then do not rush out to buy it. Anthony can put a good quality kit together at discount for club members, see details further below. This applies to individual items as well as the set.

The set with the Lezyne mutli-tool is available for £52 /[£72] or £43/[£59] with the Lezyne CRV 4  [retail price in brackets]. Please let him know if you wish to purchase any of these items.

  • Lezyne Sport Drive HP £12/[£14.99]
  • Jet black repair kit £2/[£3.49]
  • Continental Inner tube £3.50/[£6]
  • Scwhalbe Tyre levers £2.5/[£3.50]
  • Lezyne Stainless 12 multi-tool £22/[£29.99]  or Lezyne CRV 4 £9/[£12.99}
  • [Saddle bag] optional  Axiom seat bag Medium £10/[£14]
  • Rain coat Polaris junior cycing rain jacket £35 – not part of the kit offer.