For those that like gardening as well as cycling


Orla Lambe, mother of member Holly, has told us of this appealing event to celebrate cycling and gardening.

Handlebar Gardens, combining bikes and plants as part of Chelsea Fringe Brighton. As part of this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the fringe festival has been extended to include Brighton and beyond (Bristol and even Vienna!).

The Handlebar Gardens event welcomes everyone to join in with a free family-friendly bike ride complete with bike baskets, panniers etc planted with whatever plants and flowers the participants wish to brighten up the city.

The ride is scheduled for Sunday, 18th May to coincide with the start of the

Chelsea Flower Show. Riders will meet at Preston Park Velodrome (some know it as the cycle track) ready for a midday start and heading down through Preston Park en route to The Velo Café at The Level. The ultimate destination is to continue the ride on to the Community planting areas of the Kingswood and Milner Estates behind Circus Street so that the plants will be donated and replanted in the prepared beds on the day.

Accompanying the ride will be the hugely popular Bike Train complete with mobile sound system! Bring a picnic to make it an enjoyable afternoon. Local garden designer and organiser, Emma Berry sees the Handlebar Gardens event as, “an opportunity to combine community gardening, Brighton’s cycling culture and a fun day out.”

For further details of the route and any other information please visit:

Tel: 07796468015 Email: