End of year certificates

Certificates went out in the post just before Christmas to those who weren’t able to get to the AGM & Awards. Hopefully these have been received by now.

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed they have 2021 printed on them, apologies for that! Please rest assured that they are for the season just finished, and we will correct the template for the next batch in 2023!

The Performance certificates show your best time in a distance challenge during the season and are issued to all Inner and Outer Ring riders who attended any of the three distance challenge sessions during the season.

Inner Ring riders also have Skills certificates which show the level attained, with youngest or newest riders working towards Level 1, and older riders working towards Level 3. For those riders who moved up to Outer Ring during the season, we will review your skills record in the new season and ensure you receive the appropriate level of Skills certificate.

A big thanks to the Inner Ring coaches for keeping track of the skills achievements throughout the season and for getting the certificates printed!