DHL Sprint School 2011 starts on the 13th May

DHL have sponsored a sprint school with 6 training events during the year aimed at 12 to 15 year olds [16 for girls]. This is about the fourth year of sprint school and those that have been before come home with tales of excitement experienced and knowledge learned and usually a packed goodie bag of stuff. There are four places for riders from our track league at each Sprint school and we share these with other Sussex clubs. Riders have to arrange to make their own way, and normally do this in cooperation with other attendees. There is no charge but to take part in the next or future sprint schools you must email Anthony your name and DOB by Monday 2nd May and he will forward it to Sally Page, who has taken over from Vern MacClelland as organiser for our region. Although there are six events two are in Manchester and so we tend to focus on the Newport [Wales] events. Dates are listed below and in our calendar. There is a consent form to complete once a place has been allocated.Friday 13th May – NewportFriday 10th June – ManchesterFriday 19th August – ManchesterFriday 14th October – NewportFriday 11th November – NewportFriday 9th December – NewportN.B. These are mainly in term dates for schools