Cyclopark 2-day results

Well done to all riders who took part in the 2 day event at Cyclopark last weekend. Results were as follows.

Luke Spicer U10 – 6th

Alex Goodwill U14 – 7th

Felix Boyle U14 – 26th

Harley Clarke U14 – 39th

Noah Wheller U16 – 18th

Luca Geddes Gasco U16 – 19th

Milo Clarke U16 – 32nd

Hadley Davis U16 – 44th

Eddie Boyle U16 – 55th

Thanks also to Luca for this excellent writeup on what to expect when turning up to a big regional race like this, which would be a good read for any budding young riders who are hoping to race regionally!

“Turning up to an event like the cyclopark two day can be daunting as you see all these people who you will be racing against including your team mates.

You head into the venue and sign on, where you are usually given your numbers and a timing chip for your bike. With your team you set up a base area with all your gear, normally sheltered from the weather where you get ready to warm up on the rollers.

When you put on your kit and numbers your mind set changes into race mode where you start to zone in and think about what your plans are for the race, what tactics you may use, and how you will pull them off.

Once your race comes around you are sent on a sighting lap where you finally get to see all your opponents and test the circuit out, normally testing lines into corners or scoping for places to attack.

When you’re rolling up to the line to start, you feel this adrenaline rush run through your body as you wait for the whistle to set you off. And when it does you are faced with this mad dash to get your position going into the first corner.

The feeling you get when riding in the group at high speeds is for me what makes cycling the sport it is. The buzz of fighting for your line to move up the group as you try to position for the sprint or conserve your energy going into the head winds.

You cross the line after the sprint and feel the relief on your legs and body as you sit up and try to catch your breath, as you roll back around to your base area to warm down.
the feeling of taking off your kit and numbers knowing well that you tried your hardest to get the best results possible brings relief to your whole body.

I watch the podium presentation to congratulate my opponents which drives me to work and train harder as I want to be the one on that podium.
But at the end of the day you go home knowing that you tried your hardest and put out your maximum effort which is the best prize you can win.”