Cross-race report

If you look at our Face Book page you will see much more about yesterday’s cross race, however there was much excitement, less bad weather than expected and some success for our riders in a discipline where we are not so commonly on the podium.

With over 30 volunteers we showed an impressive club and community spirit and thanks to all those that contributed in some way.

We await sight of the official results but, congratulations to podium finishers Tom Pughe-Morgan and Freddie Newman and maybe others.

Unusually we had a first aid incident in the Senior race with the injured party being ex-member ,23 year old, Patrick Hough. Patrick’s mother Liz said

“Thanks for being in touch about Patrick. Unfortunately he has a hairline fracture of the fibia and will be out for about six weeks. He’s fine, and gone back up to London today with a sack full of painkillers! “
PPYCC say best wishes for a speedy recovery Patrick .