Consulting cyclists about sport in Brighton and Hove

Sussex Cycle Racing League


We had the message below from Dave Gerrey of the SCRL and a supporter of PPYCC. Read Dave’s comments and hopefully you will see the need to complete the council consultation on sport on behalf of cyclists. There are only two weeks left to do this with the close being the 29th Feb.



Have your say about the future of sports facilities in the city! – well that’s what it says on the email I was sent from the council and on their website.

I thought I should so I went to the website.  On the first page of the questionnaire it asks what sports you take part in – cycling isn’t listed.

It asks you what facilies in the city you use – the veledrome at Preston Park isn’t listed.

Because of this I think it is important that we all have our say and tell them what we think then maybe we can get something done to improve cycling facilities across the city and  maybe next time they have a questionaire they might consider it worth including cyclists.  Please have your say.


Dave Gerrey

Treasurer – Sussex Cycle Racing League