Congratulations to Tom and Lukas on their Everest challenge

Together, Tom and Lukas have ridden beyond the top of Everest and into the stars!

Yesterday, at 5am, club members Tom Pughe-Morgan and Lukas Nerurkar began their epic Everest challenge on Ditching Beacon, the youngest riders to have taken on this challenge. They were raising money for young people in Nepal, and to complete the challenge they needed to repeat the Beacon climb 65 times, taking as much time as they needed, but without any sleep in between! Tom and Lukas completed a total of 95 reps between them, Tom finishing 65 reps, a total of 11,480m of climbing, with Lukas completing 32 reps, approx. 5,000m. Lukas had to make a difficult decision to stop halfway through his ride because of being unwell, but was able to recover sufficiently to join Tom on his final climb of the day.

Lukas (left) Tom (right)

Descending and ascending at sunrise (Tom-left, Lukas-right)

The boys were supported by Ross McKraken from Proper Cycling during the day, in the early morning and late evening he escorted them up and down the Beacon to ensure their safety and visibility, as well as providing technical and moral support!

A rest in the Proper car after 40 reps!

Tom and Lukas had a fantastic amount of support from their parents and friends throughout the day, with fellow club members riding many of the reps with them, giving them encouragement, support and friendship all the way!

Tom with PPYCC friends at the top of the Beacon

Tom and Lukas on the final climb, and the evidence to prove it!

Tom and Lukas, and their parents, would like to say a massive thank you to all their friends, relatives and club coaches and riders who provided so much support throughout the day (and into the night!), and a very big thank you to everyone for their donations via the Just Giving page.

Tom’s ride has been submitted and awaiting verification prior to inclusion on the official Everesting website-