Congratulations to our omnium riders and special mention for Lukas Nerurkar

Congratulations to all our omnium riders [listed below] who have recently completed the three regional rounds which are the qualifying competitions for the National Omnium Final. These events are fiercely competitive and to complete them all is an achievement in itself, notably so given the status of our track which meant opportunity for practice was extremely limited for our riders. With the top 5 from each region qualifying reports so far show that Lukas Nerurkar has qualified for the Youth C [Under 12s] final which takes place later this summer.

Riders from the club that took part in the omnium series include: Olivia Chadwick, Izzy Stone, Noah Ridgeway-Brown, Georgina Burnett, Lukas Nerurkar, Freddie Newman, Rahul Fortescue-Talwar, Joshua Golliker, Archie Raynard, Luke Goodwill, Samuel Jaques.