Coaching opportunities for supporters of PPYCC

Preston Park YCC is keen to expand its coaching staff and to offer support to those who wish to qualify as a coach. This applies to both parents and to members who are 16 years or older. If as a parent you are keen to take a closer role in your child’s cycling activity then please note the Level 1 Coaching Award is aimed at including those with no previous cycling experience.

Dear Go-Ride Clubs,

There are some Coach Education opportunities coming up in Eastern Region which may be of interest if your club is desperate for new trainees.

Level 1 course 1406 – Chelmsford. 13th & 20th February 2016.

Level 2 Course 1407 – Redbridge Cycling Centre.  21st, 22nd November 2015 & 13th February 2016.

Level 2 MTB 1357 – Redbridge Cycling Centre.  21st & 22nd November 2015.

Full Details of 2016 South East Courses will be confirmed soon.

Kind regards,

Luke Anderson

Regional Development Manager | South East