Club Road Ride Sunday 14th

Club road rides continue on Sunday 14th for riders 12 and older (with parental permission) . Parents are encouraged to come along

This Sunday we will be riding circuits around Albourne with the option of climbing Devils Dyke on the return home. 

Meet at the track ready to leave at 10.00am for a two hour ride though note that we commonly return at 12.30 or after. There will be no charge  but the nature of these rides is that a higher level of self-sufficiency is required. This means riders should be capable of safe return if they become separated from the group and that suitable clothing and equipment are used. Thus there should be no new participants without prior agreement. Similarly these are club rides and not coaching sessions, so will aim to be more continuous ride, with limited stopping.

 Please make sure you come fully prepared for colder, wetter weather. Riders turning up in just a summer vest will not be allowed on the ride.  Warmer clothing and waterproofs are now essential kit.

Please ensure your bikes are road worthy this includes using tyres that are not worn or suffering cuts and nicks.

If you have any questions email