Christmas Riding with VCJ on Saturday 19th

Hi, VC Jubilee have invited us to a ride tomorrow [please see details below]. If we don’t see you there be sure to enjoy the snow and have a great christmas. Our next ride is the 2nd January and we are visiting Leith Hill to go mountain biking on the famous Surrey mounatains. Please contact Anthony if you wish to join us to ensure you get full details. Basic details, timings and post codes, will be posted on the website.

Please send a note out to PPYCC and Worthing Otters members that they are all invited to join us in our Christmas ride from the Brighton Pier back to the AOAC in Shoreham for some nibbles. This Saturday 19th Dec. There are a couple of different start points/times for those doing one or both directions:  9.15 leave AOAC for Brighton Pier  10.00 meet at Brighton Pier (just in Marine Parade)  ride to Shoreham along cycle path, and across lock gates, then into some quieter streets to get to Shoreham and AOAC snacks/drinks at AOAC from 11.30 ride back to Brighton for those wishing to do that. Of course it goes without saying, that its fancy dress, and some fun forefits for those that dont! Look out for the 3 Kings, they will be making their special appearance once again. This can be done on road bikes or mountain bikes, its up to you or what you have, helmets must be worn (and probably lots of warm clothes). Make sure you bling yourself and your bike up! Well I was hoping for snow, just perhaps not this much, so if theres too much and its difficult to travel, then be safer and stay where you are, however if its ok by Saturday, we’ll have some fun just the same. Hope to see you at some point along the route. Sal01273 843859 / 07769 588915