Can you spare 1-2 hours per month?

The smooth running of PPYCC depends entirely on the dedication of volunteers. We understand that everyone leads busy lives, which is why we have a range of micro-volunteering roles that require just a few hours per month. If you’re interested in making a meaningful impact, we may have the perfect opportunity for you to get involved and support our club. If you would like to take on any of the below tasks or have any questions about them, please email Mark via

Saturday rota manager

Time required: 30-45 mins per week


  • Check the rota (Google Sheet) for the coming weekend.
  • Ensure we have enough coaches and assistant coaches for each session plus someone on registration.
  • Approach our backup coaches if we are short (very rare).
  • If needed, do a short post on Friday to the website (WordPress) if the coaches wish any instructions to be issued to riders.

Note: the coaching team will have responsibility for bad-weather cancellations and announcements.

AGM event manager

Time required: 4-5 hours during Sept/Oct plus attendance on the day in Nov


  • Venue booking and liaison
  • Arrange volunteers for setup and takedown
  • Organise agenda and presenters (we follow roughly the same format every year but are open to new ideas)
  • Ensure the smooth running of the event on the day
  • Keep committee updated on plans.

Regional race listings

Time required: 2hrs per month


  • Monitor event websites (British Cycling, Rider HQ, etc) for upcoming South East England youth races across disciplines (CX, Road, Track, MTB)
  • Add summary race information (date, location, event link) into a publicly available Google Doc, linked from the PPYCC website.
  • This could be split across multiple volunteers if someone wanted to take MTB and CX while another took Road and Track, for example.

Rider results roundups

Time required: 1-2 hours per month


  • Monitor results websites (British Cycling, VeloUK) for regional race results 
  • Write a monthly website update about race results from PPYCC riders.
  • Riders could be contacted for their views on a race or photos if you wish.

Bike maintenance coordinator

Time required: 2-3 hours per month


  • Maintain list / contact details of volunteer mechanics from club community
  • Allocate bikes as needed to volunteer mechanics for review and fixing
  • Arrange for finished bikes to be reviewed and approved by PPYCC’s approved professional mechanic.
  • Update bike register (Google Sheet) as and when status changes (broken, fixed, approved, ready to loan)
  • Ensure bikes in container are clearly labelled to show status
  • The ideal time to do this would be during Saturday morning sessions when access to the container is easy and bikes can be picked up and returned.

This role does not include managing the actual loans to club members. Bike check-out and check-in for club members can be arranged in advance  with registration volunteers or coaches on Saturdays.

Bike maintenance

Time required: 2-3hrs per bike depending on your experience and skills. 

  • Take home a loan bike, clean it up and replace consumables as needed (cables, bar tape, brake blocks, tyres, etc). 
  • Clearly label the bike with any bigger jobs that require a professional mechanic
  • Return the bike on a Saturday morning or Wednesday evening as convenient
  • All replacement materials will be supplied by PPYCC.
  • This could also be done during Saturday sessions at the track as we have two bike stands and a range of tools.