Calshot velodrome visit on the 26th March

If you are thinking of joining us at Calshot next weekend [there is no Saturday morning session as a result] then you do not have to pre-book but we would be pleased to have an idea of numbers. It is unlikely that Calshot has enough small bikes and shoes to fit everyone and so you may wish to consider taking a club bike with you. The best time to collect a club bike is tomorrow morning [Saturday 19th] however you may contact if this is a problem and you still wish to take a bike. Calshot is the world’s [probably] shortest velodrome at 147 metres long. It is a proper banked track, very easy to ride and very exciting.  Please note that usually Calshot is colder inside than the weather outside and this is particularly a problem for spectators. For riders you need warm clothing and should not be riding in shorts. Helmet, gloves or mitts are all essential as is a snack and drink. Calshot is 90 miles from Brighton and cannot reasonably be driven in less than 90 minutes and two hours is a sensible time.This is an exciting opportunity for members to ride on fixed gear bikes indoors. The session runs from 13.00 to 15.00.  There will be a charge, to be notified, and bikes and shoes will need to be hired too. For those who wish to make a day of it, Calshot has many other activities and is near to the New Forest . Please see for more information about the centre.