Calshot velodrome opportunity Sunday 6th March and Saturday 26th March

Sunday 6th March some of our older riders with our coaches are taking part in the Puncheur Sportive bike ride. For those riders who are not part of this there is a Calshot velodrome visit. Although originally booked by PPYCC we have passed on the booking to the VC Jubilee. The clash of these two events has meant we are unable to provide any coaches, however Sally from VCJ has confirmed that PPYCC riders are welcome, though there is a limit on numbers. If you wish to take part you need to know that the session lasts from 13.00 to 17.00 and there will be a charge to cover the booking costs. Riders may either take a club bike or hire a bike at Calshot [sizes and numbers permitting]. You are advised to arrive up to an hour in advance of your session.


Saturday 26th Marchsees us at Calshot again and this time with a short session aimed at younger and less experienced riders. If you have never ridden an indoor velodrome before then this is your chance. The session lasts from 13.00 to 15.00 and again there will be a charge to cover costs. We will join with the VC Jubilee again and our coaching staff will this time be For those who have been to Calshot before you should note that you are no longer allowed to change pedals on their bikes. However also note that they have a new fleet of bikes.