Budding mechanics need your unloved wheel/s

As well as becoming more skilled and able riders several of our young members are revealing increasing knowledge and skill in cycle mechanics. We occasionally get donated old bike frames of good quality but needing a full rebuild, an expensive option if completed by visiting the shops. However with a bit of beg and borrow we have seen some bikes being put together for little money. One member, Adam, has almost completed a rebuild of a bike where the frame was donated to the club. However he is short of just a couple of bits.

Adam needs a rear wheel and says “It just needs to be 8/9/10 speed and be able to take a normal cassette. Also it would be great if it had a tyre on it but that’s not essential.”

If you have a wheel collecting dust then please send an email to anthony@ppycc.org.uk and we can arrange for Adam and the wheel to meet. A photo of the build so far is shown below. A careful eye will spot the missing part that Adam needs. [Clue: look towards the rear of the bike].