Brighton & Hove City Council youth survey

Brighton & Hove City Council have been in touch with PPYCC requesting the views of young people in the city about what groups, activities or clubs should be provided and where in the city they should be located. The ten-minute survey is for children and young people in Brighton & Hove aged 11 to 19, or up to 25 years with special educational needs. Apologies to PPYCC members outside the city boundary, we have checked with the council about whether young people from the wider area can respond but the council have confirmed they would only like responses from those living within the city boundary for this survey.

There is an opportunity in the answers to tell the Council which sporting clubs, leisure centres and sporting facilities you use and value. It would be good to mention PPYCC and Preston Park Velodrome in your answers as the feedback from the survey will inform recommendations for future services and it would be great to get some investment in our historic velodrome!