Assen European Junior Tour Day 1 …..1.7km Prologue

Assen Day 1 Report and results

Day 1 saw the 1.7km Prologue for all categories.  The route started in the woods near to the sports ground and finished at the campsite finish line.

The day started off quite cool and with the start area based in the woods the main part of the route remained cool.  The riders exited the woods into the sun for the last 300m and the sprint to the finish line.  Each rider was sent off at 30 second intervals for what would be the equivalent of sprinting 3 laps of Preston Park.  All age categories covered the same distance.  For 1st time Assen racers it would be a baptism of fire and an introduction to international racing against some of the best youth athletes in Europe.

Nieuwelingen 1 (66 riders)
Freddie Newman    7th
Josh Ballinger       25th
Rahul Fortescue Talwar 43

Cat6 (72 riders)
Luke Goodwill  28 from 72

Cat7 (75 Riders)
Josh Golliker 50 from 75

Cat5 (63 Riders)
Alfie Bunyan 54

Cat1 (28 Riders)
Alex Goodwill