Assen Day 3, Classic Road race

The Classic is what Assen is all about and brings to the young riders all of the trappings of a full tour stage, police outriders, team cars the works.  This is what makes Assen so special and this year  has attracted nearly 800 riders from 23 countries as far as New Zealand and South Africa and ranging in age from 5 to 18. Cat 7 and 5 have 70 riders each so they are big fields to compete against.






After the riders were put into position the police riders, lead bikes and cars lead them away with more police riders and the wheel cars following on.Freddie finished in the bunch at the end of the race which was a monumental spring down the finish straight which lead into the main campsite/arena.  Josh didn’t fare so well and was dropped by the peloton.

Luke started off a good race but appeared to have mechanical issues which slowed him down.  He eventually finished behind the peloton.  

Video footage will be posted soon along with more race reports.  Unfortunately it’s not the best internet connection here.