A genuine ‘once in a life time opportunity’ at London 2012

We have an invite as a British Cycling Go Ride club to put forward a team to support the track events from track centre at the London Olympics. This opportunity involves taking part in 2 or three training days, including attendance at the February World Cup [which was fully sold out in less than 1 hour] and then half of the velodrome events at the actual Olympics.

We would like to hear from you :

  1. If you are a member of PPYCC
  1. If you are aged 16 or over by 1st July 2012 and under 18 on 1st January 2012
  1. If you have completed or are willing to complete the Cycling Award for Young Volunteers
  1. If you are committed to contributing to the Olympic games.
Example team role in the velodrome:
Escorting athletes and support staff to the appropriate areas both into and away from track centre by the correct routes, assisting technical officials and sport information with dissemination of information, and assisting with set up of sports equipment as required. Similar experience track centre is highly desirable.

Please contact Anthony if you are interested or to find out more.
Deadline: Wednesday 21st December 18.00
ps. If there is an excess of volunteers we will run a selection programme based on 1. Length of years membership of the  club, 2. Attendance at club events