2016-17 Cyclo-cross calendar

We have been sent a very helpful document from Dave Gerrey at VC Jubilee. He gives advice for racing the Cross season and also a full calendar. In short, probably all you need to know.

Start Times/Fees
Please note new start times for the 2016/17 season and the combining of the women and veteran men 50 into one race and the veteran men 40 into another.
category(ies) start time duration Online entry price On-the-day price
Race 1 U10 (boys and girls) 10:00 10 mins  EOL only £1
Race 2 U12 (boys and girls) 10:20 15 mins  EOL only £1
Race 3 Youth A (boys and girls) 10:50 30 mins £6 £7
Youth B (boys and girls)
Race 4 Vet 40 Men 11:50 40/45 mins £15 £20
Race 5 Women (all cats) 13:05 40 mins £15 £20
Vet 50 Men
Race 6 Junior Men 14:20 60 mins £9 £11
Senior Men £15 £20
Non British Cycling Members pay a £3 surcharge on top of entry. (not under 10/12)
All youth and senior riders must pay a £10 League registration fee at their first event.
This covers the cost of your number and timing chip, which you will collect at your first event and keep for the season
Members of clubs who are promoting events are eligible for a £3 discount.
U10 and U12 riders do not need to register, nor enter events online, as entry is on the day only
There is entry (and league registration) on the day and mountain bikes are welcome
Online/pre-Entry at RiderHQ http://www.londonxleague.co.uk/

So if you are in the U10 or U12 category (note – age categories for this seasons cross races are based on what age you will be on the 1st January 2017) you can just turn up on the day, pay £1 and race.  All other categories need to register for the season and can pre-enter each online.  This saves you a £1 if you are youths, more for adults.  Please do note that since we are promoting an event all our club members get £3 discount on the registration fee.

It is also worth noting that this is the first ace in a league with events across the south east and London.  The league is just a little confusing as there are three leagues all mixed up.

The main one is the London and South east league (LCCA) which this year has 13 events five of which are in Sussex.  These five also make up the Sussex league for which there are separate awards.  There is also a Kent league consisting of 5 events the last of which is also a London and South East event.  However the calendar has been arranged so that none of these events clash so there are potentially 17 events plus the Eastern and South East Regional Cyclo-Cross Champions and the LCCA Team championships which is the last event of the season and takes place just outside Haywards Heath, lots or racing.  The full calendar is

London Sussex Date Club Location
1 1 04/09/2016 VC Jubuliee/ BECC Stanmer Park, Brighton
11/09/2016 VC Deal Sandwich, Kent East Kent Cyclo-Cross League Round 1
2 18/09/2016 Addiscombe CC Penshust, Kent
3 2 02/10/2016 Velo Bagarreur CC Sumners Ponds, Horsham
4 3 09/10/2016 PPYCC Happy Valley Park, Brighton
16/10/2016 VC Deal Sandwich, Kent East Kent Cyclo-Cross League Round 2
5 23/10/2016 Herne Hill Youth CC Herne Hill Velodrome
6 4 30/10/2016 PPYCC Happy Valley Park, Brighton
7 06/11/2016 VC Londres Addington Park, Croydon
13/11/2016 VC Deal Sandwich, Kent East Kent Cyclo-Cross League Round 3
8 5 20/11/2016 Crawley Wheelers South of England Showground Ardingly 
9 27/11/2016 Dulwich Paragon Leeds Castle, Kent
04/12/2016 Cyclopark, Gravesend Eastern and South East Regional Cyclo-Cross Championships
10 11/12/2016 Addington, London
18/12/2016 VC Deal Near Canterbury, Kent East Kent Cyclo-Cross League Round 4
11 15/01/2017 VC Deal Deal, Kent East Kent Cyclo-Cross League Round 5
12 22/01/2017 London Pheonix CC Leyton, London
13 29/01/2017 Bigfoot Go-Ride Gravesend, Kent
05/02/2007 Crawley Wheelers Gt Walstead School, Lindfield LCCA Team Championships 

All details on the league website http://www.londonxleague.co.uk/


Note Sussex events in bold – any question please ask, we will do my best to answer.

For info I have agreed to lend the stakes to Velo Bagarreur CC for their race on the 02/10/2016 and pointed out that your race is the following week so will need to get them to you.  Last season they agreed to donate a sum towards stake replacement but after their problems with their 2nd race forgot but have said they will put that right this year.  Crawley wheelers did donate £40 and we have bought another 100 stakes (just over a £1 each).  Crawley will be borrowing the stakes again this year for their two races.  I wasn’t able to take the stakes from the container at the track away last week but did manage to get over there and have a tidy up so hopefully you had clear access on Saturday (also put some of the track stuff away which was blocking the red container).

I have both your dates in my calendar and should be able to make them.  Are you aware that the league requires the organising club to do the results for the U10 and U12 races using the CrossMgr software this year.  I installed this the other week and had some practise before trialling it on Little Dog (not totally successful).  I have since invested in a couple of numeric keypads and intend to practise some more before our event on Sunday (not sure when).  Are you preparing to have someone in the club do this or is this something you are hoping I will do?

And on the begging side.  Could you mention to PPYCC members that if anyone is at our race and has a bit of spare time and doesn’t mind doing a bit a marshalling we would probably be very grateful.  Picking the last week of the school holidays seems to have been a bit of a mistake this year with a number of our normal “volunteers” away.


Dave Gerrey

Club Contact – VC Jubilee

Mailto: contact@vcjubilee.co.uk