What’s roller turbo all about?

If you are not sure about what roller and turbo training is all about then you can read the report and see the photo from the first session as written by PPYCC member and committee member Isaac Wright

“On Saturday the 11th of November, PPYCC held a turbo and roller session at Adastra hall, Hassocks. John Scripps( youth development coach for the SE region) really helped by giving the session good structure for the amount of people their. The room felt tiny because there were around 20-30 riders [see photo]. First he asked us what was the purpose of using using rollers and or turbo. For example what type of training both were useful for. Then we started to do British Cycling’s World Class Performance Plan warm up. It was a 10 minutes high cadence low effort block. After that the warm up would increase the effort each minute for 8 minutes. Then a 2 minute warm down followed. Next came the effort and pain in an exercise called Russian steps, but for me it was more Russian leaps. It was based around the longer the efforts the shorter the rests. It started with 15 seconds effort  and 1 minute rest to the opposite, 1 minute effort and 15 seconds rest, with combinations of time in between. I thought it was a great session but my legs were not so sure. Nonetheless I hope to see you there on the 30th November.”

Roller training