Volunteer at Preston Park by training to be a race judge [or Commissaire as they are called]

Hi, this is a bit last minute but we are looking for people to attend a Commissaire course on the 18th Feb at Herne Hill. A Commissaire course commits you to nothing but allows you to help officiate racing and potentially to progress all the way up to being a judge at international races on the track such as the World Championships and the Olympics. If ambitious you should opt for this, if you just wish to help out locally then sign up too as you need do no more than help officiate a few races at Preston Park during the year.

  • Training involves an online courses (~ 2 hours) to be completed before the course, and then completion of 8 hours classroom training.
  • You need to have a BC membership of Bronze or above in order to enrol.
  • After training you are qualified as a ‘trainee track Commissaire’
  • Volunteers typically need 7-8 events to be signed off as competent to upgrade to a ‘regional track Commissaire’. This varies with the individual, their experience, and the events they attend.
  • Upon completing training, being signed off and upgraded by the SE Region, the Commissaire then gets free Bronze membership, or the value off a higher level, and Commissaire clothing.
  • It is hoped that trainees should be able to accomplish this in one season.

Ps. You should contact anthony on 07757 284814 as the deadline for enrolling has past.