Update on Preston Park Velodrome

You may be aware that late last year, British Cycling deemed that the Velodrome at Preston Park is currently unfit for competitive racing, due to certain features, such as fencing, curb stones and the track surface, which require repairs to bring it up to agreed safety standards. British Cycling have been working with Brighton and Hove Council to try and ensure that these repairs are completed in time for the beginning of the new racing season. PPYCC and other local clubs have liaising with British Cycling to facilitate these repairs, and British Cycling issued the following press release today:

“British Cycling recognises the value of the Preston Park facility to local users and we are working with Brighton and Hove City Council to find a solution as quickly as possible.

“The track was closed to competitive cycling after users of the track identified, in particular, the fencing but also other aspects of the track as in need of repair.

“Some repairs were carried out by Brighton and Hove City Council but concerns remain about certain parts of the track where it is thought that safety may be compromised in competitive events.

“British Cycling has met with representatives from the council to discuss the work. They acknowledge there are still some challenges which need to be addressed and they have agreed to look into what will be required to bring the track up to standard.

“In the meantime, British Cycling has commissioned a condition survey of our own which will include an assessment of the cost to repair the fencing and carry out the remedial work required.

“Like the hundreds of people in the area who value the facility, we look forward to competitive cycling returning to Preston Park in the near future.”

Obviously many of us within the cycling community would like to see these repairs carried out as a matter of urgency, to allow this season of racing, including the PPYCC Regional Youth Omnium in May, to go ahead. There is currently an e-petition on the Brighton and Hove Council website which you can sign (open until 05.03.2015) at:


A Facebook page begun on Monday by a local rider, has generated considerable media interest, with the Argus and Cycling Weekly both publishing stories today,http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/11740243.Racing_banned_at_Britain_s_oldest_cycle_track_after_velodrome_deemed_unsafe/ http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/latest-news/preston-park-velodrome-receives-racing-ban-safety-fears-153833  BBC Sussex Radio and BBC South Today will both be airing features about the Velodrome tomorrow.

Further updates will be posted as soon as available.