Track safety

We want to make sure all riders are as safe as possible on Saturday mornings once they are on the track. Please could all parents/carers be aware of the following which will help to keep everyone safe:

Ensure that riders have all the kit they need when they enter the track, such as water bottles, jackets, snacks, etc. Do not hand items over the railings at any point. If a rider needs to come and get something the coaches will direct them towards the gate, where a volunteer will tell them when it is safe to cross. If you need to get something to a rider, please let the gate volunteer know and they’ll call a coach across when its safe to do so.

Do not shout instructions to riders across the railings. We need to ensure riders are not distracted at any point, especially when on the track.

Get bikes ready before riders enter the track. You are welcome to use the club track pump which is kept in the sign-on hut, but please do this before the session starts and outside of the track. Riders should only enter the track once you are happy their bike is ready for the session.

Weather is looking much better tomorrow than last week’s horrible drizzle, and we’ll be doing our final time trial of the season so that we can find out who the Most Improved Riders are for our annual awards! Look out for a separate post later today for more info on tomorrows session.